A Note From our Founder & CEO Allison Robinson

Today, it brings me great joy and pride to share that our Chief Product Officer, Saana Hunt, has been promoted to the newly created role of President of The Mom Project. 

Since Saana joined The Mom Project one year ago, she has become integral to our success in nearly every way. Saana approaches our mission and the work of expanding our business and vision with thoughtfulness, intelligence, a product and growth focus, and balance with a bias for action. She has shown these strengths to be true through storms as well as clear skies. 

I have been building the conviction for some time that Saana has what it takes to be my partner to lead TMP into the future—a future where our increasingly big vision and bold ambitions become thoughtfully executed plans, clear actions, and manageable goals. This, ultimately, is what I believe is required to succeed in our company’s next chapter. 

I’ve learned that, as a leader, so much of doing your best actually sits with understanding where you have opportunities, and complementing rather than fearing those gaps. I have understood for some time that a Founders alone status-quo would not be enough to realize the full potential of what we are building at The Mom Project.

So with this move, I am grateful that Saana’s elevation also allows me the opportunity to evolve my role with the changing needs of the business—aligning my focus and time as CEO with the areas I am most passionate about and believe I can have the greatest impact on our future success.

It is a great joy as a Founder to have worked towards this important growth moment for the company and I am so optimistic for what the future holds.

Saana, congratulations! I am so excited for what’s ahead and couldn’t ask for a better partner to help lead TMP through its next phase of growth.

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