Celebrating the Best #MomBoss of All: Yourself

At The Mom Project, we celebrate moms and their amazing accomplishments each and every day. It’s at the core of who we are as a company. So, in honor of the recent unveiling of our new brand—AND reaching 1 million moms on our platform—we decided to make it official by asking those in our community to Nominate a #MomBoss.

#MomBosses are the ones who inspire us all. They are defined not by what they do, but by how they approach life: with ambition, ferocity, and unbeatable courage. And while, as fellow moms, it’s nice to celebrate the #MomBosses around us, we would be remiss to overlook the ultimate #MomBoss in our lives: ourselves! 


Reading all of the nominations is fulfilling our souls, but the self-nominations are particularly uplifting. The quote above represents the type of energy we are here for—Mom, you ARE a boss, and you deserve to be recognized as such. Here are some of our favorite #MomBoss self-nomination stories.

Single-handedly making moves

A common theme across many of our nominations was single motherhood. These rock stars do the heavy lifting of raising their children without always having the support of a dedicated partner. We celebrate these moms who go above and beyond and are in awe of what they do.



Gaining skills and knowledge

Another theme we noticed in many of the self-nominations was moms bettering themselves and their future through education. Whether participating in upskilling programs or going back to school, #MomBosses are ambitious and getting it done.



Persevering through difficult circumstances

These #MomBosses are dedicated, talented, and tough. Many have been through a lot and have come out stronger and more determined than ever.



#MomBosses: An inspiration

What started as a fun way to celebrate The Mom Project’s new branding and 1 million mom milestone has turned into a reaffirmation in the power of Mom. We are truly awed by all of the #MomBoss entries, and we are proud to serve this diverse community of people who accomplish so much.

Inspired by these quotes and interested in nominating yourself or another #MomBoss in your life? We would love to hear from you!

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