The MomPact Awards: Celebrating the Companies Who Make a Difference

At The Mom Project, one of our favorite things to say is that we all move forward when we move together. Meaningful change can take time and great effort, especially when it comes to disrupting norms and breaking barriers.

At The Mom Project, we strive to make a difference for moms, advocating for recognition, grace, and a seat at the table in the workplace. We’re lucky to have a strong, growing talent community of 1 million+ who believe in what we’re doing.

But we can’t do it alone.

We also need the support of companies who align with our mission, who understand that empowering moms in the workplace benefits us all. That’s why we so highly value and appreciate our partner companies, all of whom are helping us create $1B in economic opportunity for moms — and improve the lives of families.

At this year’s The Comeback Summit, we introduced the MomPact Awards, a special program to honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of some of the most family-friendly and diversity-focused organizations in the industry. It was an uplifting way to cap off an inspiring two days. Presented by Rocki Howard, The Mom Project’s Chief Equity and Impact Officer, and Elizabeth Lizotte-Brown (ELB), The Mom Project's VP of Customer Success, the MomPact Awards gave fellow companies and our talent community a glimpse into the outstanding contributions our partner companies make to support moms.

Economic Impact Awards

Our first set of awards are the Economic Impact Awards. At The Mom Project, we're dedicated to empowering working mothers by creating economic opportunities, and our goal over the next two years is to connect moms with $1 billion in economic opportunities. That means real money in the pockets of moms in our community. We're proud to recognize the employers who have partnered with us to make the highest impact on our community members' economic well-being so far this year. Here are this year’s winners!


Our Contingent Workforce Economic Impact Award was awarded to our partner Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Meta has made 285 hires with The Mom Project and has created over $35 million in economic impact.

Meta and The Mom Project have implemented 3 successful legal returnship cohorts since 2019. These cohorts welcomed lawyers who had been out of paid work for a minimum of 2 years — we even had a few with gaps of up to 11 years in our last cohort. The Mom Project has been recognized as one of Meta’s top talent suppliers in 2019, 2020, 2021, and within the Top 10 in 2022 and 2023. We’re so grateful to have Meta as an incredible partner!


We were pleased to present our Enterprise Economic Impact Partner award to Etsy. Our partnership with Etsy began in 2019 with our support of their Maternityship program. Initially, we provided a backfill for their Director of Merchandising during their parental leave. Since then, we have made 176 lifetime hires through our partnership with Etsy, resulting in a remarkable economic impact of over $8.7 million.

Etsy’s policies and company culture are closely aligned with TMP’s mission, thanks to their best-in-class parental leave policy and benefits. They are highly invested in DEI and building an equitable workforce while truly valuing work-life balance and flexibility. We're grateful for our continued partnership with Etsy and are excited to work together on similar initiatives in the future, furthering our shared commitment to supporting mothers in the workplace.


Our third and final Economic Impact Award was presented to one of our small-medium business partners, Roc360. Our partnership with Roc360 began in May 2021, and since then, The Mom Project has placed 38 candidates with them, resulting in an impressive economic impact of over $1.2 million.

We're particularly delighted to work with Roc360 because they share our core values in key superpowers like finance, legal, marketing, and operations, and are champions for flexible, remote contractor opportunities. We're grateful for their commitment to helping moms find meaningful employment, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to support working mothers across the country.


One company deserved special recognition for their exceptional achievement in getting moms jobs — Accenture. In 2017, Accenture pledged to achieve gender equality in its workforce by 2025. To help meet this goal, they partnered with The Mom Project and committed to hiring 150 moms across the Midwest region in 2021 and 2022. By December 2022, we exceeded our original goal by hiring 160 moms and an additional 45 through the Future of U returnship program, impacting over 200 lives. Our collaboration created over $75 million in economic impact for moms, providing financial stability and support for their families.

Customer of the Year Awards

Our next set of awards, the Customer of the Year Awards, recognized three exceptional family-friendly employers who have made a significant impact on our wonderful community of working moms in the past year. These employers are true innovators in their respective industries, and they share a deep commitment to creating positive change and improving the workplace for mothers. They are not only innovative but also respectful of the unique challenges working moms face, and they actively seek to address them. We're proud to honor these deserving employers for their unwavering dedication to supporting and empowering working mothers.


Leasecake won the honor of being the Small-Medium Business Customer of the Year. Since the spring of 2021, Leasecake has been providing our community with part-time and remote job opportunities. The company is dedicated to offering flexible working arrangements that enable employees to balance their family responsibilities with their professional commitments.

To date, we have successfully placed 24 candidates with Leasecake, and the company continues to prioritize work-life balance and family-friendly policies. In 2022, we placed 10 additional candidates, and six of Leasecake's contractors were converted to direct employees, further demonstrating their commitment to supporting their workforce. Once again, congratulations to Leasecake for their outstanding commitment to supporting their workforce and creating a positive work environment.

Northern Trust

Our Enterprise Customer of the Year award went to Northern Trust. Our partnership with Northern Trust began in February 2022, and since then, we have successfully placed seven moms and “dadvocates,” resulting in nearly $800,000 of economic impact in just eight months. We worked closely with Northern Trust's talent acquisition and hiring managers to evaluate candidates based on their transferable skills and potential, rather than just their experience listed on a resume.

Throughout our partnership, Northern Trust has taken full advantage of all the resources The Mom Project has to offer, including joint Werklabs research, co-marketing opportunities, the RISE program, and getting in front of our talent community. Additionally, we have maintained a constant collaboration with Northern Trust's team to ensure that they are leading the way as a financial services institution, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where parents can thrive in their careers while balancing family responsibilities. We look forward to growing more with Northern Trust this year.


We were thrilled to present our Contingent Workforce Customer of the Year award to Splunk. Our partnership with Splunk has been a great success since it kicked off in Spring 2021. Together, we have generated nearly $1 million in economic impact. One of the highlights of our partnership was the launch of our partnered parental leave program "Leave it and Love it" in Fall 2022. In the first quarter of this program, we have already hired two people in IT and Operations for Splunk. Since our partnership began, we have placed seven talent members with Splunk, which is an impressive accomplishment. 

We would like to offer special recognition to Keisha Stephens, the Splunk leader who has been a strong advocate and supporter of The Mom Project. Keisha has actively participated in our events, including being a speaker at live sessions and a Rally Mentor to our talent community. Her Rally mentorship led to her mentee securing a job at Splunk. Magnit, our MSP partner with Splunk, has played an instrumental role in expanding our partnership and success in providing job opportunities for moms, particularly Drew and Talene. We’re so honored to work with people like them who genuinely want to help others.

We are sincerely grateful for all of our employer partners and their unwavering commitment to getting moms hired and creating economic impact for our talent community. Together, we are driving toward our goal of achieving $1 billion in economic impact within the next two years. Our partner companies are an integral part of The Mom Project's mission to support working mothers and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

We welcome companies who believe in our mission to join us.

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