Start With Success in 2023: Re-Energize Your Job Search With Anna McKay

Searching for a new job can be exciting at first. You may relish the chance to start something new, to flex your skills on a different adventure. As time goes on, though, the search loses some of its thrill. You may feel exhausted, or worse, discouraged and wonder if you’re doing something wrong.

But it’s a new year, and we’re here to tell you to leave that negative energy behind. If you’ve been searching for a new gig for a while, don’t despair. We recently hosted a LinkedIn Live session with the amazing Anna McKay from Parents Pivot, where she provided some much-needed inspiration for revamping your job search. You can watch the replay here — and catch up on the most pertinent highlights below.

Measuring the current job search vibe 

Anna is the founder of Parents Pivot and helps moms and caregivers as a Return to Work and Leadership Coach. As a coach who regularly works with people who are returning to work, she understands the feelings the job search often brings. Anna began the session with a live poll that asked how people were feeling about their job searches. While a few people were feeling great, the majority were feeling not so great — and many admitted they were dragging their feet.

If you’re feeling the same, understand that you are not alone. Hearing “no” over and over again doesn’t feel good, even when you know not to take it personally. The truth is, transitioning into the workforce is hard, whether you’ve been in it for a while and are pivoting or are re-entering after time away.

Support and encouragement can make a huge difference. But what matters most is how you approach your search.

Start with success

The key to success and re-invigorating your job search involves taking small steps that make a big impact. Along the way, don’t forget to celebrate the milestones.

The three ways you can refresh your job search are:
Identify your intention
Master your mindset and move forward
Always reach out

1. Identify your intention. Finish this sentences: "In 2023 I will.."

Why do so many people make resolutions at the start of the new year? According to Anna, research shows that there is a certain energy at specific times of year — birthdays, new years — that energize us to reset. Take advantage of that collective energy and use it to fuel your own refresh.

An intention is not quite the same as a goal, though it is similar. Intentions are short and memorable and focus on who you want to become rather than what you should do. Building strength is an example of a positive intention that you can use to steer your actions.

Want some inspiration on setting your own intentions? Get the Set Your Intention for 2023 guide from Anna.

There are two methods that Anna suggests to reset, refresh, and figure out what you want for yourself in 2023.

You can look back to see what you’ve learned — taking lessons from what worked well or what you want to do differently — or you can look forward as you settle on where you want to be a year from now.

2. Move forward with COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE will come 

The second way to refresh is all about a mindset shift. Confidence can be tough to maintain, especially in light of job searching.

“Instead of focusing on how confident you feel, decide to move forward with courage instead - knowing that confidence will come.” 
Anna McKay

Anna had to adopt this practice herself before starting her coaching services and, ultimately, Parents Pivot. She was nervous that people wouldn’t even show up. Yet she saw a need and pursued her dreams despite her fear, and she was rewarded.

The perseverance led to the creation of Anna’s Thrive Like a Mother job search coaching program. Now, three years later, Anna has three cohorts with people across the country, something she could not have even imagined.

3. Always reach out

Inc. collected 15,000 regrets from around the world and the number one regret was failing to reach out to others. While this can apply to many types of relationships, it aligns well with job searching.

You never know who may be able to help you or, better yet, what interesting connections you may foster by reaching out to your network. Reconnect with an old boss or co-worker, discover more about what they’ve been doing and let inspiration bloom.

Research shows that difficult things are more easily accomplished when we do them with another person. Plus, the journey will be more fun. Find your job searching support group and climb the proverbial mountain with your friends — the incline will be less steep.

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