Stronger Together Fund: Announcing our $500K Commitment to Moms & Businesses

The Mom Project is proud to announce our $500,000 Stronger Together Fund to support the employment of moms and growth of our business partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of COVID-19 is widespread, but moms are facing particular strain. Pre-existing inequities such as the motherhood penalty and gender wage gap will only be exacerbated; now is the time to ensure the success of moms in the workplace. Our families, our workplaces, and our economy depend on it.

Read more in this letter:

To our moms (and mom supporters),

We don’t know how this pandemic has impacted you specifically, but we know that it has impacted you. From the mental and emotional toll of being asked to work, teach, parent, and manage a household all at once, to the fears and realities surrounding job loss, personal and family health, and, unfortunately, even more tragic outcomes—this new normal still feels anything but.

While it’s impossible to know what else the coming weeks and months will bring, we do know that it’s more critical than ever to keep moms engaged in the workforce. That’s why The Mom Project is committing $500,000 to support the employment of moms during this unprecedented time.

By offering grants to our incredible, family-friendly small and medium sized partners who are already working with us to hire amazing talent, we’re able to help keep businesses moving forward while providing jobs to moms like you.

We’re proud to live into our commitment to help women remain active in the workforce at every stage of their career journey in a big way, and we’ll continue to seek out meaningful ways of supporting our community throughout this unprecedented time.

Here for you, with you.

Allison Robinson
CEO, The Mom Project

For grant information and to learn more about how we’re supporting businesses and families during this time, visit this webpage.

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