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Let 2023 be the year you realize your full potential.

Are you ready to build the career you were always meant to have? Join The Mom Project for our annual The Comeback, a two-day event designed to energize, inspire, and mobilize our talent community and family-friendly employers to embrace change and showcase the best version of themselves in the new year.

On February 21 and 22, we will bring together top employers and moms to forge pathways that fully activate our workforce. While this annual event focuses on getting moms back to work at its core, the purpose is so much more than that. Coming back celebrates you evolving into the person you were always meant to be. It means embracing new beginnings and taking unexpected pathways that align with your passions.

With energizing keynote sessions, insights from top companies, opportunities to network, new ideas, fun challenges, and more, The Comeback promises to inspire you to make 2023 a career year to remember.

Boldly Inspiring Leaders

To capture the energy for an event like The Comeback, we need someone with a unique talent for motivation. We’re thrilled to welcome TMP’s own Rocki Howard as the emcee for The Comeback. Acknowledged as one of the Top 100 Minority Executives two years in a row, Rocki is Chief Equity & Impact Officer at The Mom Project and host of the Voices of Diversity podcast. Rocki is a tenured talent acquisition strategist with Lean, Project Management, and HR certifications.

Rocki is a proud over 40, black, Christian wife and mom who prioritizes being a voice for the multiple dimensions of diversity. She is on a mission to help disrupt the intersection of diversity, recruitment, and inclusion to create high-performing inclusive work cultures. She believes “If we change the lives of the historically excluded, we change the world.”

Rocki is bold, badass and inspiring — and she has just the right energy to carry us through the two days.

Supporting Rocki’s insightful wisdom and guidance will be DJ Megan Taylor. Back for another year by popular demand, DJ Megan will provide us with music that will make us want to move and tunes that call out the power in all of us. DJ Megan is internationally sought after and was voted Chicago’s best DJ.

Our keynote sessions will serve as touchpoints to guide us through the event. On Day 1, we’re thrilled to welcome Amy Reczek, Founder of Sales & Presence, as our keynote speaker, who will lead a discussion about the importance of showing up and being present. Amy founded Sales & Presence after 17 years as a high level Senior Sales Executive in corporate sales. During this time, she earned countless awards and was ranked within the top ten national sales executives within the mortgage industry every year. 

In addition to Rocki’s wisdom and an inspiring keynote from Amy Reczek, you can look forward to some amazing panels and sessions.

February 21

Live Life with Intention with Spotlyfe

Showing up strong at work isn't possible when you neglect your wellbeing. That's why it's crucial to build wellness habits like productive pausing, self-reflection and the practice of gratitude. Join our friends at SPOTLYFE as they share their evidence-based approach to holistic wellbeing and give you the tools to make the most of this year's Comeback Summit…and your life.

Anna McKay: Thrive in Your Pivot to Paid Work

The pivot to paid work brings all sorts of challenges, one of which is learning how to navigate the shift from at home parent to working parent. Join Anna McKay from Parents Pivot to learn how you can power your pivot and return to paid work with strength and clarity.

Layne Booth: Dashboard Expert and Million Dollar Metrics 

Join Layne of The Project Booth for an unusual, number-nerdy hack to increase your skill set, increase your value, and increase your income. This session is perfect for the current or aspiring consultant, freelancer, or team member that is supporting small businesses.

February 22

Wellness Session with Lakeisha Walker: It Is Well Because I Am Well!

Reaching one’s full potential requires stability in our thoughts and our emotions; but so often we don’t make the connection of how thoughts impact emotions and how they impact actions when coupled together. Join Lakeisha as she introduces you to self-awareness and self-management that will result in an improved you!

Tonya Montella: The Importance of Taking Ownership In Your Career

Career Coach, Mom, military spouse, and 5-time career transitioner Tonya Montella of Tonya Empowers, LLC shares how she learned the importance of taking ownership in her career. She shares the impact that it had on her self-confidence as well as her career trajectory, and leaves you with steps that you can take to own and skyrocket your career.

What can you expect? More than just listening?

With The Comeback, our goal is to educate participants so that they are fully prepared to re-engage in the work world. More than that, however, we want our community to take an active role in their learning. Our leaders and partner companies will share disruptive ideas and groundbreaking insights — but remember that the wave of the future is in the hands of the talent community as well. To engage you in the process, we will feature Q&As, polls, games, and brainstorming sessions. Understanding what’s important to those in the community is just as important as the latest trends in the work world.

Beyond the learning, we are also here to have fun and take some moments of levity. Together, we will share coffee breaks, offer up chances to win prizes, and have live chat so you can meet others and build meaningful connections.

If you have to step out of the event for a beat, no worries. We’ve got you covered with recordings that we’ll be sharing with all who are registered, plus extra content that we’ll send along after the event.

Connect with employers and more

At The Mom Project, we’re proud to work with some of the most successful and forward-thinking companies out there. Their expertise is invaluable, and we’ll be putting it on full display with dedicated partner sessions, including speed sessions that function as mini MPower Hours, as well as company booths that talent can visit in our Expo section.

In addition, we’ll have helpful resources on hand, such as TMP recruiters and other internal team members who work hard to connect top companies with talented moms and more. You’ll get helpful tidbits on topics such as career development as well as tips on finances, balancing work and home, taking time for yourself, and more.

When we launched our first The Comeback event, the timing aligned for many women and caregivers who had been forced out of work during the pandemic. Now, we’ve recovered some of those lost jobs — but our work is only just beginning. The Comeback has evolved from regaining work to discovering work that works for you. We can’t do it alone. We need your help to move the needle forward.

Reclaim the career you were always meant to have by registering for the 2023 The Comeback today!


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