The Mom Project Goes Big (Again) For Moms

Remember this empowering news? We called on companies to partner in The Mom Project's mission to hire more moms. Happy to report we're not stopping there. Ever. Next up on our 2020 agenda: #ChampionMoms. So we're challenging business leaders to acknowledge the champion moms at their companies today (and every day).

Louder for the people in the back: We will never slow down on behalf of moms

For Companies: Recognize an influential mom at your company today. Send a note, buy a coffee, swing by their desk to say thanks! Take your support public -- share their photo on social & tag @themomproject to show the world you #ChampionMoms. Challenge two business leaders in your network to recognize a mom at their company, and share their #ChampionMoms on social, too.

Then join the movement. Partner with The Mom Project's Women's Work Initiative as we push to increase female workforce participation. And hire moms! Every opportunity counts. We have 200k+ professionals ready to get to work. Post a role now.

For Moms: Thanks for being part of the The Mom Project mission to #ChampionMoms -- and for being one. We support you. Companies that support you are pulling up seats to the table. Maybe today's THE day to hit forward to leadership at your organization so they can further support moving the needle at your workplace. Or send a quick note to a working mom that could use a boost, buy a team coffee, support an ERG for working parents. Whatever you do, it matters as we collectively align to ensure all people can thrive at work and at home. 

Working toward building a better workplace -- for moms, for all. One champion at a time.




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