Welcome to Our Collective Evolution: 1M Moms and Growing

Fall is nearly here, ushering in a new season: the return of backpacks, routine, pumpkin spice, and cooler nights. There’s something magical about the last quarter of the year, packed with family fun and holidays to celebrate.

 And here at The Mom Project, we’re kicking off the season with a celebration of our own: our talent community is now home to over 1 million moms, dads, and allies. That’s right, 1M amazingly talented individuals are here with us to realize their potential.

One million people equals one million opportunities to help moms just like you realize their full potential. It is a movement. It is our movement. As our movement adapts to the needs of the 1M moms we serve, it is only natural that The Mom Project evolves along with it — which is why now is the perfect moment to unveil our new brand.

Say Hello to a New Era of The Mom Project

Why a new brand and visual design? Our mission hasn’t changed. We’re well on our way to creating $1B in economic opportunity for moms, and we’re just getting started.

Yet we’ve reached a critical moment in the evolution of the workplace, and it’s become clear that our work is needed now more than ever. The work world is shifting, and we aim to drive this change. We’re entering an era of work that is more inclusive, more flexible, and more in tune with what workers want and need. Our new brand reaffirms our commitment to success for moms while highlighting the ways that this success drive wins for companies and society as a whole.

The Mom Project: Where Mom Means Business

We’re paving a better way forward, to a future of work that works for everyone. Where moms can thrive in all areas of their lives, and businesses see the positive results that come from true work-life integration.

With our new branding and visual identity, we’re offering a window into the potential and capabilities of moms — a glimpse into the superpowers that moms possess. We’re celebrating the multifaceted nature of moms and highlighting the unique skills they bring to work.

In essence, we’re bringing to the forefront what moms have always known — that moms are powerhouses who get it done.

We Believe in the Power of Mom.

The support we’ve had over the years has energized our movement. Together, we’re creating the workforce of the future. Our moment is now. Your moment is now. And we want you to know that we’re here by your side, striving to create a more equitable workplace and world for all.

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Nominate a #MomBoss 

What is a #momboss, you ask? You know her. She is a hero & inspiration. She is courageous, talented, and dedicated. And she sprinkles a little magic wherever she goes. Urban dictionary says “she's an ambitious, highly driven, fierce, and outspoken mother who gets the job done, whether the job is being a homemaker, a stay-at-home mom, a career woman, a working mom, or mompreneur,” and we couldn’t agree more.” Mom bosses get it done!

Nominate a #MomBoss

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