What’s SelfMade? The Mom Project reveals a new way to freelance

The future of work is arriving, creating more opportunities than ever before. With this evolution comes the chance to refine our product offerings based on what people need. One of the things both talent and companies have been seeking is a place to discover freelance opportunities.

You asked, we listened. Introducing SelfMade.

SelfMade is an all-in-one space for freelancers to get the tools that set them up for success. Get pricing advice and professional tools and templates. Write client proposals that seamlessly turn into contracts. Pro tips are there to guide you at each step and you'll even receive a free email course to launch your brand. Did we mention you get a profile that gets listed in our freelance directory to help you promote you to clients?

First things first: why Freelancing?

Did you know that 46.7% of workers worldwide are freelancers? While this number seems high, it’s not surprising. Freelancing offers the chance to be your own boss and make your schedule work for you. Many people start out in traditional work settings and then transition to freelancing, eventually turning it into their main gig. Others freelance on the side to make extra money. No matter how freelancing fits into your life, it offers unmatched freedom and flexibility. With benefits including working when and where you want, more control over your earnings, and no need to deal with complicated office politics, it’s no wonder more people are choosing work as a freelancer.

While freelancing promises freedom, it can require a bit more legwork: dealing with self-employment taxes, sending invoices, and more. Before making the leap, there are some things you should consider. The good news? SelfMade provides answers to all of your freelancing questions, along with links to resources you can use. Let’s take a look.


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Getting started with SelfMade 

SelfMade officially launched on October 1, and right now is the perfect time to sign up and explore all the platform has to offer. You can take advantage of one free month so you can take your time building your name and page and deciding if the format is right for you and your business. You can choose which membership plan you’d like once your trial ends, ranging from $15 to $21 a month, depending on whether you pay monthly or yearly.

Once you’re in, it’s time to dive into all SelfMade has to offer.

Navigating SelfMade

SelfMade is designed to make it easy to manage freelance contracts and clients. You'll have the tools to grow at each step and set you up for success. It all begins with creating a profile that's added to our freelancer search. From there, you can share your profile, write proposals, and create contracts. When you're ready to invoice your customer, we have a template for that too!

Project Manager is a dedicated space where freelancers can access the tools they need to make collaboration with clients easy. While the dashboard simplifies project management, the features that make the space shine are the proposal and contract development tools. You can create detailed, personalized proposals for clients directly in SelfMade, with space for crucial information such as company overview, project objectives and scope, work relationship expectations, timing and costs, and more. Never created a proposal before? No problem! SelfMade features pro tips throughout your navigation journey. And when you’re ready to create an invoice, we provide a template to help you do it easily.

To gain new clients, having a professional online presence is essential, and that’s where we can help. The heart of SelfMade lies in the Business Profile area, where you can build your very own page to promote your business. We guide you step-by-step so you don’t miss crucial information people who hire you want to know. While we keep it simple, you have the freedom to make your page your own, with plenty of opportunity to show your personality to clients. There’s space to introduce yourself, share your background, and detail your service offerings. What you choose to offer is up to you — you create your own service packages and set your own prices. We offer tips on a few additional things you can add to help your profile stand out, such as a portfolio of past projects, former or current clients, and testimonials from those you’ve worked with in the past.

If you’re new to putting yourself out there, or if it feels strange to write about yourself, we’ve got you covered. In fact, SelfMade features a whole library of resources to help you grow. From advice on building confidence to profile tips to tax information, we cover a range of topics that can help answer questions no matter where you are in your freelancing journey.

Want to know what other freelancers are already doing on SelfMade? Find inspiration when you search other freelance profiles.


Interested in exploring how SelfMade can help you grow? We’re currently offering a free trial for a limited time. Discover how freelancing can offer more flexibility and opportunity — and get paid to do the work that lights you up.


Already enjoying SelfMade? Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself! Tell the community about yourself using the hashtag #IAmSelfMade.


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