An Inside Look at Etsy's Leave and Benefits Program

At Etsy, it’s easy to find something you love. As a global marketplace with millions of sellers offering unique and creative goods, there is no shortage of amazing finds. Etsy’s mission is to Keep Commerce Human, and this culture of connecting people and bringing joy doesn’t just extend to the marketplace’s community of buyers and sellers. Etsy doesn’t only help customers find special, quality items — they also offer employees  a long list of competitive employee benefits, including a generous fully-paid employee leave program for people of all genders.

Through their partnership with The Mom Project, which helps secure competent backfill coverage, Etsy is able to provide invaluable peace of mind to employees who decide to take leave. Recently, we sat down with one of Etsy’s employees - Steve Meservey, Sr. Manager of Global Benefits - to discuss why working at Etsy is so great, how Etsy’s benefits provide phenomenal support for employees and how The Mom Project’s partnership helps Etsy cultivate an environment that celebrates health, wellness and self-care.

TMP: What is your title and role at Etsy?

Steve: I am a Senior Manager of Global Benefits.

TMP: How long have you been with the company?

Steve: 5 years.

TMP: What are some of the benefits Etsy offers that employees love?

Steve: We have an amazing array of benefits; some standouts include: 

  • Fully paid healthcare premiums, including dependents
  • 26 weeks fully-paid parental leave for all genders
  • Paid sabbatical every 5 years of service
  • Subsidized backup care benefits to help working caregivers balance building careers, raising families, and/or elder care
  • Mental health support with free therapy sessions
  • Unlimited sick/mental health days
  • Annual work/life stipend for a variety of wellbeing, fitness, food, travel, and work from home expenses

TMP: Tell us more about Etsy’s leave coverage program.

Steve: Our leave coverage programming is a constant work in progress that has developed significantly in the last three years. Though we’re proud of how generous our leave policies are, we also recognized the impact that extended absences can have on teams. To support those teams, and to ensure the work of employees on leave doesn’t get lost, we set up a number of support tools, including a dedicated budget for use across the company to hire contractor backfill support. The group supporting these programs has grown to a dedicated team that supports managers and upcoming leaves to find backfills and understand what’s available.

TMP: What types of leave does the program cover?

Steve: The program includes several types of leaves, including parental leave, sabbatical leaves and medical and paid family leaves.

TMP: For how long are employees able to take leave?

Steve: Parental leave is 26 weeks, fully paid.

TMP: How does your leave program align with Etsy’s overall company mission and benefits program?

Steve: Etsy’s mission is to “Keep Commerce Human.” It’s hard to think of a time in one’s life that feels more human than when growing their family. We feel strongly that allowing employees to take this unique time to focus on their family is critical to their wellbeing, which in turn can lead to more engaged work upon their return. 

TMP: How do you work with contractors to get them onboarded and ensure they have the tools to succeed in their roles?

Steve: We have a full onboarding team and process that walks new contractors through the systems and tools needed at Etsy. Educational materials and sessions are held the first week and managers have a toolkit to welcome them into the new team and role.

TMP: How does The Mom Project help Etsy find the right candidates to step into these short-term roles? 

Steve: The Mom Project is one of our original and key partners in our leave coverage program. Their dedicated support in identifying high-quality talent within a short time-frame is key to this program. It’s great to have a partner with such commitment to supporting moms that aligns with Etsy’s parental leave plan goals.

TMP: How does your leave coverage program enhance the experience of the employee taking leave? (for example, in addition to being able to take leave, the employee likely feels at ease knowing that their work/projects are still moving forward while they’re out.)

Steve: Long-term absence can sometimes be stressful and create a sense of guilt for leaving your colleagues. These coverage programs allow new parents to better step away and be with their family, knowing that Etsy is supporting their work and team.

TMP: Tell us about your favorite finds on Etsy!

Steve: My favorite purchase from Etsy was a beautiful weekender bag. I use it all the time!

TMP: Is there anything else you’d like to share about Etsy?

Steve: Etsy is a very supportive and empathetic place to work. The full support and buy-in from leadership and general population is what allows our great parental leave program to thrive.

By supporting employees’ health and wellness, Etsy lives up to their mission to “Keep Commerce Human.” The Mom Project is proud to partner with companies like Etsy that embody their mission in everything they do.

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