Hire Moms: It's not just good for families. It's good for business.

With an unprecedented amount of women being forced to leave the workforce due to the global pandemic, it’s more important now than ever to hire, retain, and promote women and moms in the workplace - not just to benefit her, but overall better team performance.

New research from WerkLabs shows that employees with moms as managers and CEOs report more job satisfaction, increased team collaboration, and greater likelihood to stay at their company. In times of uncertainty, these factors can have a big impact on the success of your business, especially since moms are one of the largest segments of diverse talent in today’s workforce. 

Now is the time to put an end to the motherhood penalty and unlock the full potential of moms in the workplace. Based on new, first-of-its kind data from Werklabs, moms in the workforce lead to:

>> 40% Greater Retention: Female employees are 40% more likely to stay at their current employer within the next year.

>> 12% Higher Productivity: Female employees rate their anticipated productivity 12% higher than those without.

>> 20% More Positive Experience: Female employees report having a 23% more positive workplace experience.

>> 15% More Fair Teams: Mom managers are rated 15% more favorably for fair team treatment.

>> 80% View D&I as a Priority: Female employees with a mom CEO are 37% more likely to think D&I is a top priority at their organization.

>> 81% Rated Favorable for Collaboration: Of female employees with a mom manager, 81% say they encourage team collaboration.


Want to know more about The Mom Success Factor? Read the full WerkLabs report.


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