How To Successfully RALLY

RALLY isn't your typical mentorship program. This is a peer-to-peer, boost-each-other-up, share-our-power-and wisdom program. (Because empowered women empower women, remember?)

RALLY is here to make connections and build a bigger professional community. RALLY is here to help out fellow moms and mom advocates, no matter where we are in our career journey. RALLY is here to face the struggles and celebrate the successes along the paths we are paving, day in and day out, as career moms.

To help you make the most of the RALLY experience, we have a few suggestions on how to successfully support your Match, whether you are a Booster or a Boostee. 

Be Kind, Open & Flexible. 🙂

The RALLY experience was designed to help you grow and learn. Both Boostees and Boosters should be open to feedback, willing to challenge themselves, and embrace new ways to thinking. Growth happens when we step outside of our comfort zones - so embrace it! And as you navigate the RALLY program, please don't forget the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated. Kindness is key!

Be Clear & Specific. 📣

The most successful RALLY Matches will work together to achieve specific outcomes. Be sure to come to the table with clear goals for your time together. Share your progress against those goals on the regular. Outside of goal-setting, be sure to keep lines of communication clear. If you need to reschedule a meeting or want to spend a session focusing on a specific need, speak up! This relationship will flourish most when it's built on a foundation of respect and honesty. 

Be Professional. 💼

RALLY was designed to help our Community achieve meaningful career outcomes. And while we want you and your Match to get to know each other (and ideally stay connected beyond your match period!), please remember to keep things professional throughout the process. What does this mean? Be respectful of time. Don't assume; simply ask. Recognize and embrace learning opportunities. Remain committed to the process and keep bringing your A game  - just like you would at work.

Pay It Forward. 💕

Be sure to express gratitude to your Match throughout the process. There is so much you both can learn, and it's important to acknowledge and appreciate the work the other person is dedicating to the relationship. And once your match period is over, consider paying it forward by sharing your new skills or experience with someone else. Sign up to be a RALLY Booster, take on another Boostee, or simply lend an ear and some advice to someone you know that's looking for a little career inspiration. 

Both sides of the RALLY coin play an important role in your professional and personal development. These relationships can and should be beneficial for both parties involved. And remember, just like most things in life, the more you put into the RALLY program, the more you will get out of it. 💯

Ready to RALLY? Click here to learn more and apply to be in one of our inaugural RALLY Matches!

Questions? Email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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