Five Reasons to Join JobClub

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Job hunting fatigue is real. The process can leave you wondering if you are missing something in your application, resume, and/or cover letter. Worst of all, it can be a lonely endeavor if you aren’t surrounded by a strong community of professional women looking to help you take that next step in your career journey. 

We relate to this struggle deeply, which is why we created JobClub, a Community of moms (just like you) created to network, share advice and hold each other accountable as you each work toward landing your next role. This new program is designed to connect you with the mom-to-mom support you need to stay focused and motivated while navigating your job search. Think of it as the hype squad you deserve as you work toward landing your next job! 

While we could name dozens, let’s start with these five reasons you should join JobClub: 

💰 It’s free. You’ll join a Community of women who are ready to make meaningful connections while navigating the challenges and opportunities of unlocking their next career move. 

🧐 Choose the best JobClub for you. Wherever you are in the job journey process, from updating your resume, pivoting to an industry, or making moves to level up your skills to be ready for your next interview, there is a JobClub ready and waiting for you. 

🤝 Connect with your community. The support, advice, tools, connection, and motivation that you will receive from the other members in your JobClub is the key to an incredible JobClub experience. And guess what? You bring your own magic to the table, too! The more you can contribute to your JobClub each week (an encouraging note, resume feedback, a collective cheer, anything goes!) the more you will get out of it.

🧭 Get guidance from your JobClub Champion. These volunteer changemakers are ready to help rally moms during their job search journey. There is a Champion in every JobClub who is dedicated to making your experience an incredible one through weekly discussions and activities. Sound interesting? Learn more and apply to be a JobClub Champion!

🚪 Get one step closer to job-seeking success. With JobClub, you will add more connections to your network, boost your professional skills and confidence, and gain access to tools to help you in your search every week. We know that the magic in you will pay off in landing your next job win. 

Get exclusive access to JobClub as a beta tester today! You’ll get the first look at our new program before it is widely available. Sign up and start building your hype squad for success. Your Hype Squad is Waiting for You! 

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