By: The Mom Project on March 30th, 2020

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Go On: Make The Space

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Let’s be well together; apart. Wind down with The Mom Project each Friday for Unity Hour as we get at it for the greater good (work, family, life). In this week’s episode, expert Amber Trueblood explores the mindset shift to WFHWK (working from home with kids) and how to make space for happiness in uncertain times. This is a totally unique moment that requires some things: a mindset reset, a few new tools, and a whole lot of community support. 

Let's take a minute to get real about our collective situation. We're not dealing with a single, unexpected life shift. We're flexing to accommodate at least four of them -- all at once.


  1. Working from home
  2. Working with kids in the house
  3. Figuring out homeschooling
  4. Being with your entire family ALL day EVERY day

Wow. That’s A LOT, friends. Where do we even start with this?

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of your top 5 non-negotiables (let the rest go, for now) with 2 rules: 1. Be honest about what’s possible for YOU and 2. Be kind to yourself!

Once you’ve got your head around the shifts, transfer your attention to the real priority: Making Space for Happiness.


We’ve all heard of love languages.

But now's the time to consider your / your partner’s / your kids’ space language.

Physical Space: As parents we know the feeling of being touched out all too well. What does alone time look like? A long uninterrupted bath, a solo hike or walk around the block, a different bedtime or wake time than the rest of your family so you’re not all on the same schedule.

Mental Space: Lots of people are overstimulated by too much visual or auditory input. Your partner may benefit from less noise (turn off the TV, lower the music, don’t talk to them for chunks of time during the day) or less visual chaos (clean up the clutter, clear off the table // counter, remove pictures on walls if visually overwhelming).

Emotional Space: Notice if you’re leaning on your partner for constant emotional support right now. Spread the love by reaching out to friends and family when you need to vent to give them an emotional break.


On your way to surviving? Time to think on getting back to thriving with a healthy, positive mindset.

Emotional Happiness: Start your day with a five-minute morning meditation or guided breathing exercise to: improve mental clarity, memory, processing speed, mental agility, mood // enhance immune function, oxygenate blood cells, remove carbon dioxide and toxins // reduce heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels.

Mental Happiness: Occupy yourself with a light-hearted distraction: board games, funny movies, cooking. Know yourself and focus on activities that fuel you and leave you lighter than before. This promotes social wellness, patience, connection, bonding with those you love.

Physical Happiness: Move your body: family dance party, online yoga, kid-led exercises. This releases natural endorphins, improves cardiovascular health, immune system, blood pressure, sleep cycles, mood.

Family Happiness: Start a daily gratitude practice: circle compliments, big & little "gratefuls", bedtime thank you’s.

And one day at a time you'll find:

  • You understand yourself & your priorities better.
  • You’re closer to your partner & more connected with your kids.
  • You’ve got a new well of positive mental health practices to draw from.
  • You’re thriving at a slower pace & more appreciative of the small things.

Your new mantra? JUST TODAY!

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