How to Optimize Your Experience at The Mom Project

Feel inspired as we share how four members of our talent community took advantage of The Mom Project’s programs to move their careers forward.

For most people, a career path won’t be a straight line. It will likely feature many twists and turns, some you never saw coming. Through all of this, you will learn lessons and skills that will continue to serve you as your career evolves. The Mom Project is here to support you through all of your growth, with mentorship, upskilling, job connections and more.

In fact, the best way to optimize your TMP experience is to take advantage of the many offerings we have beyond simply job searching. Don’t just take our word for it — during our recent Mother’s Monday event, we sat down with four moms who have found success participating in various TMP programs. Hosted by Rosie Zilinskas of No Woman Left Behind, our Hired Spotlight Panel: Moms Moving Their Careers Forward features moms discussing the various ways TMP has helped them advance their careers and enhance their lives.

Join the Talent Community

All of the moms on the panel found success by joining our talent community, however else they may have utilized The Mom Project’s resources. For Stephanie Morris, it all started with a Google search. She discovered The Mom Project, created a profile and uploaded her resume, and within hours, she had potential matches. She found a job she loves with Synchrony Bank, one of our amazing partner companies.

Casey Hinch discovered The Mom Project through our programming, one of which was the 2022 Mother’s Monday event. Being a participant ignited the spark to return to the workforce, refresh her skills and make new connections.

“It was so refreshing to witness companies intentionally seeking to hire mothers.”

Casey originally started her career as an engineer working in the construction industry, but having children prompted her to seek a pivot and career change that could allow her to work with more flexibility. Through The Mom Project, she met a recruiter from Grainger and was hired a few months later.

Find guidance and support with Rally

Sometimes, the best way forward is with the support of your peers. As a 1:1 community mentoring program, RALLY allows you to do just that. Anita Pai Brunner originally found TMP when she was searching for a role and enjoyed the personalized experience. Shortly after the birth of her second daughter, she joined RALLY as a mentee. This experience opened her eyes and broadened her perspective on what she was capable of doing.

“When you have young children, you go through the motions of life and you forget what lights you up.”

Participating as a mentee in RALLY allowed Anita to see herself as more than a mom. Now, she is experiencing a real full-circle moment as she has joined the 2023 RALLY Spring Cohort as a mentor.

The boost in confidence enabled Anita to find a job through The Mom Project, one that provides her the flexibility to be there for her children for field trips and school activities. Anita loves The Mom Project because she feels TMP provides resources and support more than any other hiring platform out there — and she knew she could find a role with a company that supports moms.

📘 Read more to learn about The Mom Project's RALLY program.

Boost skills and pivot with RISE

Lorena Lawrence was looking for a more flexible work schedule. She learned in 2020 that her son had special needs and wanted a job that required less travel. Her journey began with a scholarship from RISE. Since its inception in 2020, RISE has helped thousands of moms and women of color enhance their skills with free certification programs.

Joining RISE gave Lorena the boost she needed to pursue a different path. Beyond providing upskilling certifications, RISE provides participants with community and support focused on their needs. Now, Lorena has a job she loves that allows her to be there for her family.

Advice for job seekers 

If you are in the job-searching trenches right now, we hope these stories provide inspiration that you will get through this journey. Taking advantage of all TMP has to offer can help you get there. We asked our panel of moms for their advice on how to navigate the job hunting process, and they had several helpful suggestions to share.

😊 Remain positive and go to interviews, even if you don’t get callbacks. You’ll get experience and it’s preparing you for something big to come. Watch our Master Class with Susan and Kelley from Prepare to Launch U for some tips! 

⭐ Stay authentic to yourself and the right opportunity will find you.

💡 Keep putting yourself out there in different ways to create new connections as that will provide you with new opportunities. 

❓ Don’t be afraid to ask someone else for help or advice, especially if it’s someone who is doing a job you would like to do.

📝 Frame each job application to make it evident why the job is the right one for you. The personal touch can really stand out to hiring managers.

Remember to first and foremost be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. One of the panelists, Anita, said it best: “I’m not a working mom, I’m a mom who’s working.” ❤️

Keep your priorities in mind, connect with others and develop new skills, and before you know it, you will begin a new chapter with a job that integrates with your life.

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