Returnships Benefit Companies and Workers Alike

We all love a good comeback. Yet many who leave the workforce aren’t always welcomed back with open arms. Returning to work after a pause can be complicated, especially in fast-paced industries such as tech or when pivoting career paths. This can be hard on parents, particularly mothers — often the ones who end up taking time off work to raise children.

That’s why we love partnering with companies who offer Returnships. Also known as return-to-paid-work programs, Returnships provide mothers and more the chance to ease back into the workforce or into a new field with the support and guidance necessary to gain confidence and skills.

Returnships not only provide immense benefits for returning workers but also for companies who offer them.

How do Returnships work?  

Returnships provide a way for people who have stepped away from the workforce to return. Not just for people with kids, they can be a great resource for people who have left their jobs for any reason — to join the military, to take care of ailing family members, to take a sabbatical and find themselves, and more. Offered by many top companies, returnships are generally paid and run from a few weeks to a few months. They often come with valuable learning opportunities, such as the chance to work with a mentor or get training in new areas.

A supportive Returnship program should feature several key elements, including:

  • One-on-one technical mentoring
  • Development workshops
  • Customized onboarding curriculum
  • Leadership engagements
  • Meaningful, impactful work
  • A supported network community


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Rock your Returnships - and reap the rewards 

Companies that offer Returnship programming stand to gain plenty. They expand access to high-quality, diverse talent, helping to elevate your employer brand as a national gender parity contributor. The numbers tell the story — the results from tapping this distinct and highly beneficial talent is:

  • 40% Greater Retention 
  • Candidates who are 4.2x greater than competitors in enhancing organizational productivity. 
  • Candidates who are 4.2x greater than competitors in enhancing corporate culture.

Welcoming new faces to your company, even temporarily, can add new perspectives and ideas to your business and your company culture. Returners bring valuable life skills and gained experience to the table, which can enhance both operations and the experience for other employees.

Returnships + The Mom Project: Success Stories

The Mom Project is proud to work with companies that provide valuable opportunities in the form of programs like Returnships. One of those partners is Intuit with their Returnship program called Intuit Again. With the Intuit Again program, those working in technology can find a pathway back to the workforce, complete with a dedicated support system that helps facilitate a successful return. The Intuit program even includes perks such as onboarding boot camps and one-to-one mentoring.

The best part? Intuit started the program because they believe everyone should have the chance to prosper — illustrating their inclusive culture that consistently places them on “top places to work” lists.

Our partnership with Intuit has so far delivered $1.3 million in economic opportunity and resulted in a 70% FTE conversion rate.

Another great partner we’ve had for Returnship programming is Meta, with the Meta Reconnect program. The Reconnect Program at Meta creates opportunities for experienced legal professionals who have taken a career break. This innovative program enables talented lawyers to restart their careers with the support and resources of Meta's legal team.

Over 12 months, Reconnect participants refresh their skills, gain new experience, and rebuild their confidence. At the same time, Meta gains an infusion of capable, diverse talent. The program provides a flexible bridge back to legal practice for lawyers ready to relaunch their careers.

Working with Meta through their Reconnect program yielded great wins, including over $30 million in economic opportunity and 17 Reconnect program hires.

Returnships: How to get started 

At The Mom Project, we know that each person’s career journey will look different. Part of our mission is to honor these varying paths by showing companies that resume gaps are normal, and that building alternative paths back to work will only strengthen the organization as a whole. By partnering with companies to offer Returnship programming, we are achieving our mission to help moms win while also connecting businesses with valuable talent they might otherwise miss out on.

Getting started is simple, and The Mom Project will be there from program activation to marketing to research sessions focused on your particular needs.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can help your company support moms during every phase of their career journey.



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