The Comeback Virtual Summit: Powering Forward

the comeback virtual summit

Everybody loves a good comeback. 

And, The Mom Project’s Comeback Virtual Summit was no exception. From across the country, Moms were moved and motivated as they came together for talks, panels and virtual gatherings about re-entering the workforce. 

Here are three ways how this immersive, two-day virtual experience delivered and everybody loved it:

  1. Gets moms not just back to work, but back to better
    While the pressures of COVID-19 resulted in many moms stepping away from work, the last two years have also led to changes that enable moms to restart their careers. Flexible work hours, remote opportunities and more family-friendly benefits are just a few of the ways the modern workplace is evolving. The Comeback Summit connected moms with all the latest resources and opportunities for finding a job that lets them focus on their career and family.

  2. Supercharged by our company partners
    The event was backed by world-class companies including Amazon, Best Buy, Etsy and more that have already committed to unlocking $50M in economic opportunity for moms—qualified talent who need (and want) to return to paid work. For companies, the event delivered opportunities to find the talent needed to thrive and make a positive impact by leading the movement to bring moms back.

  3. Tackles today’s issues
    Businesses need talent. Yet over the last two years, millions of moms have left the workforce due to the stresses of COVID-19. Bringing those moms back can fuel future success for them and their companies. We’re working with businesses to create the kind of environments and opportunities moms need to return to work. 

Together, we’re moving moms from setback to comeback. And that’s all good. 

The Mom Project The Comeback Infographic

The Comeback Results Infographic - Page 2

The Comeback Results Infographic - Page 3

We started The Mom Project because we’re like you: moms who want to be able to find success in the workplace while still being there for our families. Learn and be inspired at any time with more than 15 on-demand sessions from The Comeback Summit

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