We Could All Use a Little Unity

In late March, The Mom Project launched Unity, a program built to support job seekers impacted by COVID-19 hardships by pairing them with professional coaches and talent professionals who have offered up pro-bono coaching sessions. 

One of our very first Unity coaches, Farah Hussain, has opened up to share a bit about her experience with the Unity program and her work with The Mom Project Community at large.

My name is Farah Hussain, originally from Boston and now based out of New York. I’m a global marketing director at PayPal who thrives on building partnerships and supporting PayPal's democratic vision. I’m also a leadership coach and started my own coaching business with clients across three continents. I am fulfilled by helping others to live and lead with authenticity, and have a special place in my heart for empowering women.

As I started my formal coaching certification program, I wanted to give coaching hours to organizations that were dedicated to empowering women. A colleague connected me to The Mom Project and it was a great match. The Mom Project and I both saw value in piloting a coaching service with its members, and started introducing me to members in early March. 

Each one of the talented women I started meeting as of March 10th had a unique power to share with the world. We loved our conversations. Little did any of us realize then that we were on the precipice of a public crisis that would create even greater need for support networks.

The workforce as we knew it shifted, and The Mom Project recognized that the only way to get through this, is to get through this togetherWhen The Mom Project acted quickly and put out the call for Unity coaches, I immediately reached out to my network and volunteered to host more calls myself.

Within the Unity program, the conversations have been rich and members have emerged with renewed motivation and sense of purpose. They have inspiring reflections and advice for others that I’d like to share with you as a means to build community during this challenging time.

Here are three of those women:

“My coaching session helped me to dig deeper into my accomplishments and helped me realize that what I might view as a mundane task or small win is actually something bigger that needed to be highlighted. What makes the small wins worth highlighting is stepping back to look at the bigger picture and realizing the key impact my decision or my solution played. It’s sometimes easy to forget all the significant contributions made on a daily basis.” She also realized that it’s “important for me to continue to honor my personal values and who I am as a person.”

Erika C, Financial Professional, Chicago

"When asked questions during the application or interview process about your strengths, or why you'd be a great fit for the organization, remember the parts of you that shine the brightest or feel the happiest when performing specific tasks. No matter the career path you're on, find roles that are authentic to who you really are today. How would an employer know all of what you have to offer if you do not bring your 'whole self' to the organization?”

Danielle A, Operations Professional, Atlanta

“My session boosted my self-confidence and gave me clarity on what I bring to the table. My top tips?

  • Spend some time investigating yourself, to determine not only what you can do, but what you are good at, and what you enjoy doing.
  • Think about your own experiences and thoughts, but also look to others (friends, coworkers, supervisors) to get their perspectives.
  • Use (almost) every conversation/interaction as an opportunity to network. 
  • Search your network of friends/family/social contacts, and schedule casual meetings to discuss potential career opportunities."

Lisa S, Marketing Professional, Illinois

To date, the Unity program has successfully matched 300 professionals impacted by COVID-19 related hardships with 100 coaches and talent professionals who have volunteered their time and expertise  in the form of resume reviews, mock interviews, and life & career coaching sessions.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, our goal is to connect a total of 1,000 women, moms, parents and advocates with the career guidance and coaching they need to navigate the current environment and achieve positive career outcomes amidst adversity -- powered by the support of our Unity coaches. 

We know that there is power in commUNITY. We see it and feel it every single day. Thank you all for continuing to lift each other up. 

Learn more about the Unity program and how to get involved here


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