Take Your Kids To Work Day 2020

::: First & foremost; all of us here at The Mom Project hope you and your families are staying well + safe. That's the most important thing and the rest is just that: the rest. :::

Well here we are, friends. Six weeks into #WFHWK, and April 23rd has arrived, to remind us of what is usually and officially take your kids to work day. 
:::nervous laughter::::
Oh, the irony - right!? Right. We are bringing our kids to work, to virtual meetings, to board meetings, to radio shows and podcasts, to 1-1s and group chats, we're hiding from them in the closets and bathrooms and pantries. How could we possibly celebrate THIS!? 
Well, we feel you. While we may not be indulging in a fun little commute on the train together or a fully curated and planned day of activities for kids at the office, let's take a step back and make the most of this day for what it is -- a space to learn and grow together, and share who we are with our kids by creating a memorable shared experience. Also, it can be low effort/high reward -- the kind of vibe we need right now!  

Let's sliver line this whole operation, shall we!? Some lightweight ideas...

  1. ☕Barista: For older kids, perhaps they can go full-barista for the day and whip you up one of your favorite coffee drinks you've been missing while in lock down! (Dalgon Coffee has been a big hit on TikTok, they've surely seen it!) Have them research the recipe, measure ingredients and present the findings. Take a coffee break with them and discuss the importance of making space for collaboration and teamwork. 
  2. 🎓Lunch and Learn: As almost all parents are working as assistant teachers right now, flip the script and have your kids come up with a lesson plan covering a subject they are passionate about (building lego houses? hosting the perfect tea party? Fortnite 101?). Have them teach you and the rest of your family in a special "lunch and learn." 
  3.  🖥️All Hands Meeting with the "Junior Board": Each child creates a mini-presentation (with your guidance) about their favorite subject (see above!) and 1 thing they'd like to accomplish before they return to school, etc. Get your company or team together and have all the kids share their passion. Have someone from the company give a very brief, kid-friendly update about a high level topic and ask the kids for advice on how to solve it. 

We know the kids are LITERALLY all up in our business right now, so take these suggestions lightly. We know you are doing all you can to keep everyone safe, healthy, sane, entertained, educated, employed, fed, clothed, bathed and moving forward (and more, eeesh!), so if it feels fun to celebrate "Take Your Kids to Work Day" this year, please do.

And if it doesn't --you know we're not judging you.  And they’ll never see this blog -- and none of us really know what day it anymore, so...save it for next year when hopefully we can roll out the muffin trays again and have kids bouncing around in conference rooms. Ah, the old days! Hang in there, #WFHWK comrades.  

Please share and continue the conversation with us on social, and let us know how you are celebrating today.

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