Your FAQ About Our Partnership with Accenture, Answered

The Mom Project & Accenture 

You may have heard about The Mom Project’s new partnership with Accenture. After all, we’re so excited about all it will do for parents, we can’t stop talking about it! We figured you might have some questions, so we made this guide to address anything that might come up along the way.

What the partnership is all about

The Mom Project has launched a new, two year partnership with Accenture. The partnership will involve three key components meant to help our community:

💼 Jobs:  Accenture Midwest will provide jobs for candidates from The Mom Project. What this means specifically: between 10 – 15% of Accenture Midwest’s new hires in the next two years will come from the Community you’re part of.

🎗️ Support & Training:  Accenture will provide hired candidates with what many of the people in our community say they need most once they’re in a role: support.  This support will include flexibility, one-on-one mentoring from peers and training, including “new skilling” to make sure that if you’re hired, you’re set up for success.

🤝 Community Outreach & Research:  As part of this partnership we’re working with Accenture to reach out to under-resourced communities to help people develop skills and a roadmap toward meaningful career pathways


FAQs about the partnership

  1. How can I apply? Here is the link to open jobs. You must be part of our Community to apply, so if you aren’t a Mom Project member, it’s time to sign up!
  2. Is this just for moms? Can dads apply, too? Despite our name, our members are not all moms. Some are dads, some are expectant parents, some are “someday” parents and some aren’t parents at all, but just believe in what we do. The Mom Project is an equal opportunity platform that welcomes anyone who identifies with our mission and goals to apply to these roles.
  3. What if I don't see a role that matches my qualifications? We’ll continue to add new roles throughout the course of our partnership. We encourage you to keep checking back to see the latest posted positions. And if a role is an almost fit, we encourage you to apply, as part of this recruitment process is thinking about what skills could turn that almost fit into a perfect fit and help you get up to speed through mentoring or training. 
  4. If I have been out of the workforce, and am now looking to return, would I still be considered? Absolutely. At The Mom Project, we know there’s power in the pause.
  5. How do I know my application was received? When you hit submit, your application will head to our recruitment team. You should also receive an email confirmation. 
  6. What happens after I apply? How long until you contact me? The recruiters at The Mom Project are reviewing every single application that comes in (to make sure qualified candidates aren’t scanned out by an electronic system), which means, it might take a little bit to hear from us if you’re a fit for the role you applied for.
  7. What programs does Accenture have in place for parents? Accenture has built a culture that supports family life and balance, from formal family leave policies to a culture that emphasizes that personal needs can and should come first.

    Accenture also introduced a program – started through discussions between Accenture and child-care operator Bright Horizons – that provides their people with subsidized access to school-day supervision in small groups, part-time. We at The Mom Project encourage people applying to these roles to ask hiring managers in their interviews any questions they have about how they will get the support they need! 
  8. I applied but haven't heard from anyone, should I follow up? If you’ve received an email that we’ve received your application, please trust that we’re looking at it. We will likely have many applications to review, so help our hard working team keep moving forward and wait until we’ve reviewed your application! We promise, we’re working as fast as we can. 
  9. Are interviews in person or virtual? Your first interview will be a phone interview or virtual chat with a Mom Project recruiter. If, after that call, our team feels you are a fit, you’ll be set up for a virtual interview with the Accenture hiring manager for the role you applied for.
  10. I’m an employer that wants to work with The Mom Project, how do I do that? To partner with us, please go here for more information. 

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