For many of us, one of the most challenging stages of working motherhood is that of returning to the workforce. We put in time and hard work raising families and caring for loved ones, and then one day we realize that we are ready to re-enter the paid workforce. 

But the idea of re-entry is often coupled with fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of judgement. We are here to tell you: there is nothing to fear. 

There is power in the pause.

Yes, POWER. 💪🏽

You took a break to care for loved ones? That is entirely vital, completely essential, truly valuable work - consider this permission to own it

But how?

  1. Succinctly convey a pause on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  2. Weave it into your professional story with strength and confidence during an interview. Don't be fearful of the question, relish in the opportunity to bring it out into the open. Your pause was powerful and so are you. 
  3. And then move the conversation forward by reiterating your enthusiasm to join X company, pivoting back to  why you are a great candidate right now. 

Adding your career pause to your resume

Easier said than done, right?

Not so fast. The Mom Project recently launched Resume Rev, a new solution to help you own your story - in real life and on paper. As a member of The Mom Project Community, you can create and export a streamlined, beautifully designed resume that you can use anywhere you may be applying for jobs. Resume Rev guides you with tips and questions to insure your resume is an accurate reflection of you and your expertise. 

One Resume Rev feature that we are particularly proud of is The Mom Project Pause, a function that allows you to add a career break to your resume with confidence. The Mom Project Pause was created to eliminate the uncertainty that often comes with returning to work and the challenge of articulating time spent caring for family on paper - and in person. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.37.00 PM

The Mom Project Pause can be added to your resume in chronological order and seamlessly complements your other professional experiences. The Mom Project Pause comes populated with a simple description of the work you were doing while at home - allowing you to own your pause and keep the focus on your future.

[Note: You can always edit this section if you feel your own words better describe the work you did during your pause - but remember, less is more!]

Adding your career pause to your LinkedIn profile

The Mom Project Career Pause can also be added to your LinkedIn profile to denote an extended step away from the paid workforce. The Pause can be added in chronological order and seamlessly complements your other professional experiences. 

Still have questions?

See below for advice from The Mom Project’s top-notch Talent Team. 

  • Focus On Experience: It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you need to deeply explain what you were doing while you were on a pause. But there is no need to overcompensate. We recommend speaking about your pause in simple terms - and then turn the focus back on your experience and why you are a great candidate for the role.
  • Stay Current: If you are just thinking about returning to work, take some time to think about ways you can add a few current items to your resume. Take a course, take on volunteer work or pro-bono projects, or anything else that shows you are ready to get back to it in a meaningful way. 
  • Remember - It’s A Journey: As you embark on your return-to-work journey, please remember to be patient, persistent, flexible, and open. And be kind to yourself!
  • Leverage The Mom Project: This one is kind of obvious, but you can rest assured that The Mom Project is working hard to educate employers on the value of hiring women at all stages of their careers - including those who are returning to the workforce. We work hard to overcome any resistance an employer might have around gaps on resumes.  

Ready to own your pause?

Learn more about Resume Rev to help own your story in real life and on paper.

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