How to Add a Career Pause to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding a career pause to social media; let’s talk about it. 

Back in April we launched Resume Rev, a solution to help you own your story - in real life and on paper. Within the platform there is a career pause function allowing you to own your pause, and add a career break to your resume with confidence. The tool helped launch a movement and gave moms re-entering the workforce the words they needed to convey a pause on your resume.

Now, how can you add the same sentiment to your social media handles? LinkedIn, the business and employment-oriented social platform, acts as a resume in itself. LinkedIn allows you to manage your professional identity (and if you are not currently on LinkedIn, we strongly suggest you sign up.) 

Adding A Career Pause To Your LinkedIn Profile 

Here’s how you can add your career pause to your LinkedIn profile with confidence. 

Click on your profile and scroll down to your job experience. Add The Mom Project as the company, The Mom Project Career Pause as your title, the date range of your career pause and this blurb courtesy of The Mom Project team: Life evolves. This section denotes an extended step away from the paid workforce to significantly contribute to one's family. 

[Note: Our blurb is just a guide. You can always edit this section if you feel your own words better describe the work you did during your pause - we highly encourage it!]

Then click save.

LinkedIn Career Pause No Text-01

Own your pause and see what a difference it makes to your profile. 

LinkedIn Career Pause No Text-02

The Mom Project Career Pause can be added to your profile in chronological order and seamlessly complements your other professional experiences.

There is Power In The Pause!

Learn more about how you can use ResumeRev to convey your career pause on your resume and weave it into your professional story with strength and confidence.

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