The Mom Project Community Spotlight: Isaly Ferguson

community spotlight isaly ferguson

Isaly Ferguson, a creative Digital Marketing Manager, helps others grow their social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tiktok. Since joining The Mom Project community in October 2021, Isaly has already acquired seven new clients as a contingent worker, otherwise known as a flexible employee, independent contractor or freelancer.

Isaly decided to move from a full-time employee to a contingent worker to be able to gain more skills in her field and work with clients in different niches. 

When asked about what motivated Islay to sign up with The Mom Project, she mentioned that it was because of the company’s mission – The Mom Project is dedicated to building a better workplace for women, parents and the businesses they support. 

Learn more about what Isaly has to say about her journey.

  • Can you share more about your journey with The Mom Project?
    Working with The Mom Project has been a great ride ever since. From the start, I noticed that the platform is very clean and simple to use. I also leveraged the resume tool to create a more in-depth resume which I used to apply for jobs.

    Through the Community, I have landed several new clients and each one has been centered around social media management. The clients are in different niches, so there are always new things to learn and no day is the same which is exciting. I have been able to wear multiple hats, get the chance to be creative and set goals. Because of The Mom Project, I have worked with companies such as Coastline Publishing, Matrescence Skin and Studio T Dance & Acro. I am very grateful for these opportunities!

  • What has been your favorite aspect, tool or part of The Mom Project?
    My favorite aspects and tools from The Mom Project are the fact that I get notifications specifically for my niche and a focus on remote work. I’ve also enjoyed connecting with others through the company. It has been a pleasure to speak to clients and be part of such a great community!

    Furthermore, I’ve also had the opportunity to represent more clients through the flexible, contract work secured through The Mom Project, and in turn, have created an independent business that brings me great joy. There isn’t a ceiling on how many clients I can work with.

  • Can you give some examples of specific insights you gained through joining The Mom Project community and actions taken as a result of these insights?
    By joining The Mom Project, I have gained insights into what it means to be part of a community that really focuses on different types of career goals. Additionally, I like the fact that I get the chance to not only work with multiple new clients, but also have a team to help me. Members have the opportunity to work as independent contractors, while at the same time having that sense of working full-time because of the team effort with The Mom Project.

  • What advice would you share with other moms?
    I would give the advice to be willing to try and to be patient. Additionally, even though I am not a mom, I think having a balance between work and family life is key.  We all sometimes want to juggle a million different things but balance is key to having the right life for you.

  • What is something that people might not know about you?
    When I am not working, I enjoy visiting museums (art and history museums are my favorites), traveling and enjoying a good book. I read at least one book a week and my favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

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