The Mom Project Community Spotlight: Lorri Norris

lorri norris

Lorri Norris is a skilled marketing copywriter with a specialty in writing content about user experience (UX) design. Lorri joined The Mom Project in May 2021 and secured her first contingent work opportunity shortly thereafter. 

The most exciting part about Lorri’s career journey? Leveraging The Mom Project’s RISE program, Lorri successfully gained the skills and expertise needed to make an entirely new career pivot from business development into her marketing copywriting role that she thoroughly enjoys today.

Learn about how Lorri gained a renewed sense of confidence, reframed her mindset when securing contingent work and successfully prioritized what matters most to her while balancing a flourishing career.

  • Can you share more about your journey with The Mom Project?
    I am beyond grateful for The Mom Project. The company came into my life at a time when I was completely burnt out from my job to the point that I had to quit. I felt stagnant, with an overwhelming sense of defeat and undervalued in my role.

    The Mom Project Community, resources and platform completely upended my perception of self-worth, made me realize that I could still learn and grow, and had amazing options for my next career move!

    The Mom Project gave me the boost I needed to make a radical career change and helped nurture my self-esteem and goals. Today, the platform and Community continue to provide me with contingent work plus access to incredible opportunities to upskill through the RISE program.

    Overall, The Mom Project has been a boon to my career. I absolutely would not have landed my current job without the perspective I've gained thanks to countless Community mentors and leaders and the opportunities made available by RISE. 
  • What has been your favorite aspect, tool or part of The Mom Project?
    Since I first joined the Talent Community in 2021, the overall mission of The Mom Project has been life-changing for me. When I built my original jobseeker profile, I was professionally at (what I felt to be) my lowest point. I had just left my stressful, deadline-driven job of five years due to extreme burnout. To top things off, I missed my kids tremendously and felt like I could not be fully present due to my work environment at the time.

    I repeatedly asked myself, “Where can I possibly go from here?”

    Since my journey in 2021, I’ve found the following resources from The Mom Project to be the most encouraging and insightful:
  1. Conferences, events and seminars
    From all of The Mom Project events I have attended, my biggest takeaway continues to be that as a mom I am not “less than.” The seismic shifts from the pandemic coupled with this fresh perspective from The Mom Project really elevated my well-being, value and confidence. Above all else, it has allowed me to unapologetically prioritize my family-life and evaluate what matters most to me when making decisions.

    Additionally, The Mom Project’s emphasis on moms and women of all backgrounds and ages has been a significant and impactful perspective for me to understand. The various events have enabled me to connect with a Community of other women navigating their own career journeys, which has offered me so much comfort and support.

    I have loved all of the events hosted by The Mom Project and continue to feel so inspired to see other bright, powerful and successful moms paving the way and building one another up. 

  2. The RISE program 
    Attaining a RISE scholarship allowed me to upskill and make a vital career shift. Through the knowledge I acquired, I was able to transition from business development and grant writing into copywriting in the marketing space at Logic20/20 – a “culture-first: technology consulting firm. Learning design-thinking and UX writing has helped me grow into my tech-adjacent role while staying up to date on the latest tools, processes and deliverables in the world of UX/UI, app development and responsive website creation.

  3. Contingent work opportunities
    When I first joined The Mom Project in May 2021, I landed a one-year contract position as a proposal writer. This contingent work opportunity gave me the flexibility and income to recalibrate. Plus, I could focus my efforts on short- and long-term career goals and recoup lost time with my family after leaving a very stressful job. 
  • Can you give some examples of specific insights you gained through joining The Mom Project community and actions taken as a result of these insights?
    The Mom Project’s emphasis on women as a “whole person” is truly inspiring. I don’t have to sacrifice my career to be there for my family. Additionally, I don’t have to sacrifice my family to be there for my career. This life lesson is now ingrained in me and has empowered me to make thoughtful career choices that benefit my work and family life.

    I have also grown to recognize that I am worthy, have value, and don’t have to stay stuck in a job that does not serve me well. Sometimes you just need the right dynamics at play and the encouragement to help overcome the mindset of feeling stuck. The Mom Project provides this to their Community.
  • What advice would you share with other moms?
    Being a mom doesn't have to be a punishment to your career. Find a company that supports you in your role as an employee but, more importantly, as a mom. The right people won't ask you to be something else. Additionally, dedicate time to upskilling and leveling up your perspective.

    Always remember…you are worthy!

  • What is something that people might not know about you?
    I was the first generation to go to college in my family. This has been an incredible accomplishment and I am so fortunate for the opportunity.

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