Drivers for an Engaged (and Productive) Remote Workforce

Employees are asking for more flexibility in the workplace, but many companies have struggled to respond: only 47% of employees cite having access to the flexibility they need.1 As companies across the globe adapt to the current environment, addressing the need for productive remote teams is no longer optional.

Creating a successful remote work experience will be critical for companies—both now and long-term. WerkLabs’ proprietary Remote Experience Index Model offers companies customized, data-driven recommendations that are rooted in behavioral science. The first step is understanding the drivers that matter most to employees based on each company’s unique work environment.

Here are some key questions business leaders need to be asking to create a successful remote work experience:

1. Communication

  • How often should team members check in with managers and leadership?
  • How should managers best communicate with their remote team?
  • What should whole team communications contain in order to be most effective?
  • How will company leadership quickly train managers on what's necessary to keep in touch with employees and keep projects moving forward?
  • How will company leadership communicate with transparency?

2. Collaboration

  • What channels serve best for various types of communications?
  • When should teams use video conferencing or phone? Company chat system or email? Text?
  • What equipment do employees need to effectively work remotely?
  • Do equipment and technology needs vary by teams or individuals?
  • What are optimal ways for managers to keep up with team projects to ensure quality and content?

3. Culture

  • What are the best ways to keep up morale, especially for team members who are potentially more isolated?
  • How will managers identify employees who need more coaching versus less coaching during enforced remote work?
  • How will company leadership keep employees future focused and looking forward?
  • What are effective remote leadership skills and how will managers be trained on them?
  • How will the company keep up with Corporate Social Responsibility efforts?

It’s helpful to know what to ask, it’s more difficult to know the answers that will have the most impact for your organization.

WerkLabs partners with business leaders to understand the unique drivers that will help their workforce be successful, leveraging predictive analytics to identify the changes that will have the most impact on key performance outcomes—for both the employee and the company.

Want to learn more? Contact the WerkLabs team.

1“The Future is Flexible: The Importance of Flexibility in the Modern Workplace,” Werk Flexibility Study,

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