Introducing...Our Enhanced Interview Call Experience

Hiring managers: We heard your feedback (thank you!) and we’ve enhanced our interview call process for a more seamless experience! Since phone screens are often the first touchpoint in finding the best candidate, we want the process to be as pleasant and efficient as possible for both you and our moms. With our updated interview scheduling and phone call process, it will be just that.

In the current environment, there are a lot of unknowns and the reliability of phone interviews is more important than ever! You can count on The Mom Project to have your back in navigating these times- starting with this update. With this update, gain control of your phone interview screens so you can keep business moving forward.

At The Mom Project, our superpower is connecting you with our diverse community to find your perfect match. You should feel confident at each stage of the interview process, so we’ve decided to hand you the phone to kick it off. This means recovery for dropped calls, more flexibility if you’re running a few minutes behind, and more connecting with our amazing talent!

Let’s dive into what happens once you’ve posted a role:

  1. Once you’ve found a great candidate, send interview time slot options from the talent’s profile page. Choose three available time slots (pictured below), and make sure your phone number is correct!
    Schedule Interviews
  2. The candidate will receive an invitation by email, and confirm the time that works best for them. Here's what your candidate will see once they've confirmed:
    Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 10.29.04 AM
  3. When the candidate has confirmed a time slot, you’ll see a one-time use phone number under the Upcoming Interviews section of the Interviews page.
  4. When it is time for the interview, initiate the call by dialing the phone number and it will directly connect you to the candidate.
  5. For interviews that are not yet confirmed, you can now view the time slots you’ve sent to them.

We’re excited about this enhanced interview call experience and can’t wait to see it lead to even more success with candidate phone screens and the long-term growth of your company. Happy interviewing!

Ready to find your next great candidate? Log in and post a role now.

Note: this interview call process enhancement only applies to interviews scheduled on or after April 24, 2020. All interviews scheduled before April 24, 2020 will require the system-generated dialing process.

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