The Journey to 1 Million Moms

We’ve come a long way, mamas (and dads and allies)! From our humble beginnings in 2018 to a community of 1 million strong, The Mom Project has experienced tremendous growth and connected with countless leaders who are shaping the future of the world. It’s been a wild ride, full of thrills, challenges, and learning opportunities. Yet as we reflect on how far we’ve come, one thing becomes startlingly clear — we are only just getting started, and the best is yet to come.

Journey with us as we trek through our timeline of how it all began, how we accelerated growth along the way, and how our evolution has shaped our future.

Good for moms is good for business

We wouldn’t be here today without our visionary Chief Mom, Allison Robinson. As Allison prepared to welcome her son, she had a conversation with her manager that would later change her life.

Having children helped Allison see the reality: today’s workplace is not designed with moms and families in mind. There was a gap and an obvious need.

And so The Mom Project was officially born on April 7, 2016.


“I vividly remember being in a conference room speaking to my manager and telling her I was pregnant. And I said, Don’t worry, I’ll be back to work in two weeks. And she laughed at me. Then I had my son and I understood, I got it.”


Allison Robinson | Founder and CEO, The Mom Project



After two years of steady growth, The Mom Project had its first big moment. On May 30, 2018, TMP got its first round of funding, raising $2.6M from Atlanta Seed Company and seven other investors. This investment played a critical role in expanding our reach, and by the end of 2018, after raising an additional $8M in Series A funding, The Mom Project had reached 75,000 moms on the platform, with 1000+ partner companies.


With resources, moms, and companies in place, the stage was set to begin making connections and launching programs that would allow us to realize our mission to create $1B in economic opportunity for moms.

In February 2019, we partnered with Urban Sitter to provide childcare to moms during interviews. Later that year, in May, we launched the Women’s Work Initiative to bring 1,000 women back to work.

Not only were we delivering on our goal of connecting job seekers with opportunities, but we were also expanding our efforts to focus on areas that are lacking for mothers.


2020 was a big year of growth for The Mom Project.

In February, Serena Williams officially joined The Mom Project, calling on company leaders to hire more moms. Having the support of such an influential and amazing working mother was a monumental accomplishment and one we continue to celebrate to this day.

“I’m calling on CEOs, Heads of People, and Business Leaders big and small. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a team of 1 or 100,000; if you’re hiring, are you considering hiring moms? Together, we can influence how work gets done and build a better workplace for the future.”


Serena Williams | Strategic Advisor to The Mom Project

In March, TMP acquired Werklabs, our research and insights division, who provide invaluable data to TMP, our community, and our partner companies.

In July, TMP achieved a major milestone — raising $25M in Series B funding aimed at helping women return to work.

We closed out year three with another addition to our offerings, launching RISE, an upskilling initiative for women of color.


We began 2021 by announcing an amazing partnership with Accenture in February to help them deliver on their mission of hiring 150 moms for highly-coveted roles.

May of 2021 was an exciting month, with TMP’s acquisition of Glassbreakers along with our introduction of miscarriage leave — both creating wins for women and moms.

IIn October 2021, we celebrated one of our most exciting developments to date: $80M in Series C funding, the largest-ever global investment in women’s workforce technology.

We closed out the year by launching Back to Progress to unlock $50M in economic opportunity for moms.



2022 has been a year of events and milestones.

In January, we were thrilled to present our inaugural summit of The Comeback, a virtual event to motivate moms to return to the workforce.

In May, we hosted The ReCharge: Mother’s Monday event, bringing together thousands of moms and inspiring them with sessions from leaders in top companies.

We reached several milestones in 2022. In March, we celebrated reaching over $250M in economic impact for moms — putting us well on our way to achieving our goals of $1B.

In August, we celebrated our most meaningful milestone to date: 1 million moms, dads, and allies on our platform. It created the perfect moment to unveil our new branding, which celebrates the collective evolution we have all experienced over the years.

The future of work is unfolding as we speak, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the transformation.

Numbers at a glance

We’re proud of the growth we’ve seen, none of which would be possible without your help. Here are a few stats that make us happy.

  • 3,000+ Partner Companies
  • $275M+ economic opportunity created across 50 states
  • 23,000+ jobs/projects activated 34k interviews scheduled 5,000+ hires
  • 100+ partner social announcements
  • 24 Master Classes
  • 10 Mentor Power Hours
  • 880 Total Rally Matches (pairing mentors and mentees) 

Together, we must work towards a future we want to see — and we need the help of companies like yours. Join us in our mission to create a better tomorrow.

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