Good for Moms, Good for Business: How a Maternityship® Program Can Enhance Success

Family-friendly policies aren’t just good for moms — they’re good for businesses and society as a whole. At The Mom Project, we’re dedicated to making workplaces better by connecting moms with future-focused companies that respect their lives outside of work — building happier workforces that enhance business productivity and growth. To help us advance the future of work, we’re proud to partner with companies to bring our Maternityship® program to fruition. 

Working together, we can ensure families get the time they need together during critical parental periods while providing coverage that enables continued business operations and success.

The State of Mom

While working moms face various difficulties throughout their career, one of the most challenging times is after the birth of a baby. On its own, it’s one of the most mentally and physically exhausting times in a mother’s life. Add to that worries about being on leave, and what should be important bonding time with a new baby can quickly become stressful.

Motherhood is a journey, and each person’s path will be unique. Yet there is one commonality moms share: being a parent is a crucial part of their identity.

88% of moms say that being a parent is the most important or one of the most important aspects of who they are as a person.

Motherhood is often a career-defining moment for women. While 75% of women report that they would like to continue working after the birth of a child, up to 43% of highly qualified women are leaving careers after having children. Though many factors may influence their decisions to leave, companies can ease the transition by advancing family-friendly policies and programs.

The Business Perspective

Companies have their own set of concerns. Even supportive companies who provide generous leave have to worry about business continuity when parents are out.

Business continuity isn’t the only consideration for companies. Losing valuable talent should be a concern, especially given that the cost of replacing an employee who leaves after childbirth could amount to 200%+ of annual salary.

The strain of planning leave affects the employee, the organization, and the internal team. It’s a reality that 86% of women will become moms by the age of 44 — which means that having a plan for handling leave is a consideration all companies should take.

The benefits of having a sound plan for when parents take leave are numerous. They include: 

  • Increased retention
  • Employee morale
  • Business continuity

How a Maternityship Program Helps Moms & Companies

The Mom Project’s Maternityship® program seeks to alleviate woes on both sides by providing companies with coverage during paternal leaves of absence while also extending mothers a bridge back into the workforce. The knowledge that someone qualified is there to provide coverage is reassuring to both companies and employees. For moms with new babies, this understanding can translate into a more enjoyable leave where they can focus on their new families.

The Mom Project works with Etsy to provide leave coverage when their employees need it. Etsy offers its employees an amazing range of benefits with a generous leave policy, something we hope more companies adopt, as it is of critical importance. Etsy’s Sr. Manager of Global Benefits described the way that their leave coverage program provides employees with peace of mind:

“Long-term absence can sometimes be stressful and create a sense of guilt for leaving your colleagues. These coverage programs allow new parents to better step away and be with their family, knowing that Etsy is supporting their work and team." - Steve Meservey 

With a Maternityship, companies can rest easy, knowing that the backfill coverage they get when working with The Mom Project features highly qualified workers who can keep business moving. Many of these qualified workers are mothers or parents themselves who are transitioning back to work, making Maternityships an important resource for many.

Elevate Your Parental Leave Program

Are you a company ready to elevate or revamp your parental leave program? The Mom Project can help. Not only will you capitalize on the numerous benefits that such a program will bring, but you will also strengthen your brand as a company of choice. 

Are you looking for a job and want to discover more flexible opportunities and companies who respect the individual paths many of us have taken? Join our talent community today!

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