It Just Got Real: #WFHWK

::: First & foremost; all of us here at The Mom Project hope you and your families are staying well + safe. That's the most important thing and the rest is just that: the rest. :::

The Mom Project remains committed to you -- and we're hustling like never before to build a better workplace for the future. We’re going through this together (but apart: #socialdistancing works!), and we're betting on the power of moms like we always do. Next up: blazing the #WFHWK trail.

Remember all the reasons to bet on moms? Now we've got another one: grace under fire. We crowdsourced from our *very* astute community on how they were making #WFHWK, well ... work. Unsurprisingly, they delivered (and then some) ...


Leadership: Let older kids draft their own schedules that include academics, reading for pleasure, exercise & downtime. I review, approve, supervise & provide guidance as needed. No surprise why moms make great leaders! -- Jennifer F.

Collaboration: Work in 2 hour shifts while your partner takes care of the kids. Clearly communicate as if you work together. Get outside for physical activity and plan on reading, learning, art as much as you can. It's going to be tough but I hope employers realize that we are all trying to do our best. -- Corinne L.

Parenting Out Loud + Empathy: My plan is to embrace that many of my colleagues are in a similar situation. We are all figuring it out & giving each other grace. Work before my kid wakes, take calls with a headset while my kid plays, partner with a friend who lives nearby and is in a similar situation. Lots of work will get done during naps and post bedtime. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks! -- Katrina T.

Growth Mindset: Instead of hacking my way AROUND the kids during the day, I’m including them as much as I can! Writing “to-do lists”, helping me prep lunch, choosing between two “work time” activities, then rewarding them with a bubble bath. They’re happier when they’re included (and easier to manage!) -- Martine N.

Positive Reframing: Create windows of activities and set us all up with “work stations.” I’ll have a green sign when it’s ok to ask mommy questions, and a red sign when it’s emergencies only. It’s going to be an adventure! Hoping we can all find ways to offer care and support during times of hardship or transition. --Ashley R.

Then we looked to WerkLabs' Remote Experience Index Model to understand the drivers that make remote work WORK. And pivoted those to the business of working from home ... with kids in tow.

The 3 C's Of #WFHWK

Communication: With your partner, kids, family, team, boss. Yourself! Be open, honest & transparent about what you ALL really need, and get your family to work as a team. Overcommunicate, and focus on empathy and understanding (with yourself, too!

Collaboration: You're an important part of your family and work team. Find time to focus during the next few weeks on new ways to collaborate, both at home and with your colleagues. A new setting and circumstances could bring about incredibly powerful new ways of thinking, doing, acting, being. Stop, collaborate and listen!  

Culture: This is an exciting chance to shape the way your family and work team thrive. Challenges and shared experiences make us stronger and bring us closer. What will this experience bring to your culture? The power is yours to decide.

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