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Picture of Jessica Ashley

Jessica Ashley

Know Your Worth

By Jessica Ashley on July 14, 2021

Every day as a coach, I work with women on specific self-care practices to put themselves at the top of their own lists. I call it radical self-love,...

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Tips for Showing Up for Moms and Working Parents in the Workplace

By Jessica Ashley on May 26, 2021

It is well-documented that the pandemic and all of the work, school, home and relationship upheaval it has caused has been carried primarily by...

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Handling Rejection with Grace

By Jessica Ashley on April 21, 2021

While we know that rejection can sting, particularly if you are convinced it was your dream job or you were perfectly qualified or you are desperate...

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4 Ways to Find Personal & Professional Inspiration

By Jessica Ashley on April 14, 2021

Feeling stuck, or a rise of anxiousness and doubt, about the next chapter of the world, our lives, our careers, our families or anything else is a...

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Flexing Your Single Mom Superpowers at Work

By Jessica Ashley on March 12, 2021

There’s an image of a single mom who is frazzled, completely forgets one child’s big school recital, misses the other kid’s birthday due to a meeting...

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Starting a New Remote Role: Advice from the Pros

By Jessica Ashley on January 13, 2021

After 17 years of remote working, I still struggle with one persistent issue: I forget to pee. 

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