Community Spotlight: Chassidy Goggins

Chassidy Goggins

As Chassidy Goggins searched for new remote and project-based freelance opportunities, she was referred to The Mom Project. Chassidy’s focus was on finding a remote position that would allow her to maintain the flexible schedule she valued.

The importance of patience and mindset

Although Chassidy didn’t land a role through The Mom Project initially, she proactively checked back in every few months to see what new positions were being shared. The constant diversity of the positions offered through The Mom Project appealed to Chassidy. “I like to keep a revolving door of projects going, and The Mom Project felt like a good resource for that,” she says. 

As a source for flexible positions including project-based, contract and remote work, The Mom Project provided Chassidy with an ongoing list of jobs to consider. She applied for a few over the course of a year or two, "but nothing stuck. Then I saw the posting for my current project with them. I interviewed, was hired and onboarded within a week. The Mom Project made the process so smooth."

Keep your application materials fresh

Because she has such a range of experience, from office administration to volunteer coordination, Chassidy found it helpful to have a few variations of her cover letters and resumes prepped and ready to go, depending on the position she applied to.

“When looking for a new project, I use the resume and cover letter most fitting to the position,” she says. This allows Chassidy to call out the experience that’s most relevant to the role. For her current position, her experience moderating Facebook groups was most relevant to the job description so she honed in on this when applying.

It worked! Chassidy was hired on as an Online Community Manager and helps the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants maintain an active and respectful message board community.

Thanks to having several versions of her resume available, she was able to respond quickly when a posting caught her eye. “For me,” she says, “this method has been more effective than listing the totality of my resume at once.”

Being ready to apply as soon as something interesting came along and staying connected with The Mom Project helped Chassidy add a new project to her roster and continue to build her experience for her next role. Chassidy's advice for everyone out there looking for their next role? "Stay hopeful!"

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