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Picture of Kristin Bustamante

Kristin Bustamante

The Balance of Being a Single, Working Mom

By Kristin Bustamante on May 19, 2021

Being a working mom is hard. Being a single mom is hard. Being a single, working mom has its own set of challenges and there are days (a lot of...

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Community Spotlight: Chassidy Goggins

By Kristin Bustamante on March 31, 2021

As Chassidy Goggins searched for new remote and project-based freelance opportunities, she was referred to The Mom Project. Chassidy’s focus was on...

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Community Spotlight: Erica Labovitz

By Kristin Bustamante on March 3, 2021

After leaving her previous position and navigating a busy holiday season, Erica began job searching in February while also expecting her first child....

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Community Spotlight: Drisana Wallace

By Kristin Bustamante on January 6, 2021

Whether it’s going back to school to complete her Bachelor’s degree and working full-time, or growing her social following so she could monetize her...

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Hitting Reset on Your WFH Schedule

By Kristin Bustamante on December 9, 2020

Women are working from home and juggling homeschooling, work responsibilities and trying to keep the children thriving for another day. Our own...

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