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Appreciating the Little Acts of Self-Care in the Chaos of Motherhood

By Ashley Ziegler on March 24, 2021

Since becoming a parent, you’ve probably heard the famous metaphor, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” more times than you can count. The meaning...

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Pursuing Purpose: How to Land a Mission-Driven Opportunity

By Tiffany Nieslanik on March 17, 2021

When you find a company that you feel good about, one that is making a positive impact on the world and one that appears to appreciate everything...

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Your FAQ About Our Partnership with Accenture, Answered

By The Mom Project on March 12, 2021

The Mom Project & Accenture  You may have heard about The Mom Project’s new partnership with Accenture. After all, we’re so excited about all it...

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Flexing Your Single Mom Superpowers at Work

By Jessica Ashley on March 12, 2021

There’s an image of a single mom who is frazzled, completely forgets one child’s big school recital, misses the other kid’s birthday due to a...

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Returning to Work With a Postpartum Mood Disorder

By Ashley Ziegler on March 10, 2021

Returning to work after maternity leave is difficult in and of itself, but when you have the added layer of a postpartum mood disorder, that...

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Community Spotlight: Erica Labovitz

By Kristin Bustamante on March 3, 2021

After leaving her previous position and navigating a busy holiday season, Erica began job searching in February while also expecting her first...

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